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With the release of TWICE's 'Eyes wide open' album, various interviews and articles are being released one after the other.   If you are finding it hard to monitor them all, fret not because we have a compilation for you.

Let's start with their interview with where they played the '8-bit song Challenge', we have a separate post here but you can also read their full interview here.

TWICE Eyes Wide Open Pictures

Next up is TWICE's interview with titled 'TWICE Can't Stop'. 

Your most recent EP, MORE & MORE, was released in June. What have the last several months looked like for you as a group?

JIHYO: We've been spending our time preparing for our second full album, Eyes wide open. The last several months have been very busy for us with recording, going to choreography practice and writing lyrics. On top of that, we also worked on our Japanese album, so the last couple of months have been very busy for TWICE.  (You may read Twice's full interview with Papermag here)

3. TWICE's interview with MTV titled 'Eyes Wide Open is Journey Through Time and Space'.

MTV News: First off, congratulations on your fifth anniversary and your second album. It’s been three years since Twicetagram followed by a handful of EPs. What can we expect with this comeback and the second album?

Nayeon: This is the second full album which is coming out after three years since Twicetagram, and we participated in this album more than before, like more than previous albums. So I’m really looking forward to Once liking this album as we invested lots of time and also the content involved.  (You may read Twice's full interview with MTV here)

TWICE Eyes Wide Open Pictures

4. TWICE's interview with Hypebae titled 'Twice talks inspiration behind new album, 'Eyes wide open'.

What have you been up to? How has this year been like for everyone so far?

Jeongyeon: For TWICE, we have been finding ways to work around COVID-19 and how we can interact with our fans in a new, creative way. We are all hoping that one day soon we can meet our fans on tour, and give them the energy that they give us.  (You may read the Twice's full interview with Hypebae here)

5. TWICE's interview with APNews titled 'K-pop band TWICE reveals its daring side on new album'.

When asked to discuss boundaries they wouldn’t cross in their personal lives, the group — which has Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese members, all in their early 20s — didn’t elaborate.

This is a difficult question!” Jihyo said with a cheeky smile. (You may read Twice's full interview with AP here)

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