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TWICE plays the 8-bit melody challenge!

 TWICE 8-bit melody challenge

The members of TWICE are up for another challenge, this time they are taking on Seventeen's 8-Bit Melody Challenge!

Let's hear them sing songs from Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and more.

Aside from this video, TWICE also had an interview with the media site. In the interview, they were asked, "What’s the kind of vibe that you’re going for with "I Can't Stop"?

To this the girls answered:

Jeongyeon: Similar to our last album, there are many focus points in the new video, such as the stage set that links to our last music video for "More & More." For example, you can discover a canyon and a train station in our music video set that serves as spectacles and are connected to “"More & More." The graphic of our nine members appearing from inside a flower is another attraction for fans to focus on.

Momo: We tried a retro concept for the first time with this album. Since this is a concept that we have never tried before, we are waiting to see how ONCE will react to it. Our title song, "I Can't Stop Me" especially manifests the retro concept with the synth notes that you can hear throughout the song.

Chaeyoung: We are going for the feeling of riskiness and uneasiness you get when you cross a line that you shouldn’t cross. I would like our fans to know that this is the main concept and story of the new song, "I Can't Stop Me." Everyone has their own definition of that line that shouldn’t be crossed, so we are excited to try it out and see how it will be interpreted differently by each person.

The next question was, "How does "I Can't Stop Me" link with the rest of the album? Does it give fans hints of what they might expect?

Jihyo: I believe "I Can't Stop Me" links the rest of the album together by setting retro as the main concept of the album. As Momo mentioned, the song contains synth notes that enhance the retro style. So even though all the songs have their own unique style, fans can get a hint of how our new songs will be different from the concepts we’ve been trying in the past.

Dahyun: Our new music video, "I Can't Stop Me" [also] connects to our last album More & More. The story of eating the apple of desire in the "More & More" music video continues in "I Can't Stop Me" by being unable to control oneself. That is why the teaser videos feature our members opening their eyes and why the name of our album is Eyes wide open.

You may read TWICE's full interview from in this link.

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