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TWICE Jihyo for Esquire Korea


Jihyo's captivating pictorial for Esquire Korea effortlessly captures the essence of her multifaceted charm. Through each shot, she showcases her remarkable ability to transition from powerful to tender, exuding an air of quiet confidence that has become synonymous with her persona. 

The camera lens seems to have fallen in love with her, as it brilliantly captures every nuance of her expressions, from the subtlest glimmer in her eyes to the gentle curve of her smile. Against a backdrop that seamlessly blends elegance and modernity, Jihyo's fashion choices mirror her versatility, effortlessly pulling off both classic and contemporary looks with equal aplomb. Her pictorial not only underscores her visual prowess but also hints at the depth of her personality, leaving admirers captivated and eager to delve further into the enigma that is Jihyo. 

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