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Sana and Dahyun for STAR1 Magazine's June issue

 Sana and Dahyun for STAR1 Magazine June issue

For all the SaiDa shippers out there, here's another reason to rejoice as the two are the cover of STAR1 magazine's June issue.


Chemistry Test

Aside from their pictorial, Sana and Dahyun also sat for an interview where they revealed, "We’re both very fun-loving spirits, so I think we have especially good chemistry. When we’re together, our energies go up, we joke around a lot, and we have a lot of fun", when the two were asked about their chemistry in real life.

Sana also had the chance to talk about how she wrote the lyrics of 'Do What We Like' as she shared, "I was taking a bath when inspiration suddenly hit me, and that’s how I ended up writing the lyrics for that song."  While Dahyun shared her knack for finding the cameras by saying, "I’m serious when it comes to [finding] the camera. I don’t have any particular secret trick, but I get the feeling that someone is filming me. Once, there was a time when I even spotted a camera on the ceiling during rehearsal."

Lastly, the two also shared how much they miss their fans as they said, "Every time we stand on stage at a music show and there’s no audience, we feel so empty because our fans aren’t there with us. We hope that the day when we can perform for our fans face-to-face will come as soon as possible."

Soompi,STAR1 Magazine

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