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TWICE 'TW-LOG with SECRET FRIEND' Episodes (English Subbed)



TW-LOG Finale 210511

Sana's TW-LOG 210504

Nayeon's TW-LOG 210427

Chaeyoung's TW-LOG 210420

Dahyun's TW-LOG 210413

Jihyo's TW-LOG 210406

Momo's TW-LOG 210330

Mina's TW-LOG 210323

Tzuyu's TW-LOG 210316

 Jeongyeon's TW-LOG 210309



TWICE is coming up with their vlogs!

Each member will have their own vlog where they will also be a Secret Santa and do a mission for another member.  Who would be the secret friend for each member?  

Check out their teaser below and be sure to come back on March 9 at 6PM for more.

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