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Meet TWICE at the 30th Seoul Music Awards

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It is time to meet TWICE at the 30th Seoul Music Awards!

We will continuously update this post throughout the show.


'I Can't Stop Me' + 'More and More'



Twice wins Bonsang Award

Dahyun: "We're so thankful to win this amazing award at start of 2021. We're on stage as 9 after a long time. We're truly thankful to our ONCEs who always supported us. Last year was a frustrating year, but  I hope for this year to be a happy one where all the things you hope for come true. Please look forward to TWICE's activities this year, thank you."

Tzuyu: "I'm truly thankful for being awarded a Bonsang 5 years in a row at SMA. I believe we received it because of our ONCE. We're able to work harder in the future because of the strength this gives us. Thank you so so much. I hope for everyone to be healthy and happy."

Red Carpet Event

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