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TWICE 'I Can't Stop Me' wins this week's Inkigayo!


November 17, 2020 Photo Update


November 8, 2020 Post

Inkigayo didn't air last week but they are now back along with the beautiful and talented girls of TWICE!

Stay tuned for the replay of their 'I Can't Stop Me' comeback stage.

'I Can't Stop Me'

' Can't Stop Me' (Cam Ver.)


Who won this week's Inkigayo? They are no other than NaJeongMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu!  Yes, congratulations to TWICE for taking another 'I Can't Stop Me' win.  See them celebrate in this next clip.



Overall, this is TWICE's 31st win from Inkigayo.  They are now the group with the most wins from the said show.  Next to them are SNSD and Big Bang with 30 wins each.

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