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TWICE at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards


It's time to meet TWICE at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards!

On the awards show, the girls won the Female Popularity Award as well as the Artist of the Year!

Edit: December 17, 2020 (Behind the Scenes)

 Edit: December 6, 2020 - Red Carpet Replay + Unreleased Winning Speech


Edit: December 2, 2020 - Red Carpet Replay

Congratulations TWICE and ONCE!!

During their acceptance, Leeteuk asked them.
Leeteuk: TWICE, when do you miss ONCE the most?
Jihyo: Always
Leeteuk: Fans in the audience always cheer a lot in award shows but it's bit disappointing now. How do you feel about an audienceless award show?
Sana: It feels really unfamiliar and makes me think of ONCE more

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