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TWICE thanks fans through their anniversary videos

Five years with TWICE!

TWICE is turning five on the 20th of October and to thank their fans for the unwavering love and support, the girls are here to show their appreciation through their anniversary video.

ONCE upon a TWICE, 5 Years








TWICE 5th Anniversary Letters (Translated)

Nayeon: "5th anniversary ⭐ 5th anniversary ⭐ Thank you for being with us for our 5th anniverasary ONCE! I'm so sorry for not being able to express everything with words... ONCE means more to me than you think. ♥ Thank you so much for being with us.  Let's spend our 5th annivesary happilly :)"

Jeongyeon: "No but what is this! I can't believe it's already our 5th anniversary.. We haven't been able to meet ONCE during the recent difficulte times.. I feel like I really just want to grab it all and throw it away.  Can you feel it to that extent? But we'll always still be here so I believe our ONCE can find us again. I'm always so thankful and grateful, I love you♥"

Momo: "Congratulations on the 5th anniversary~💕  Thank you so much for having watched over and cared for TWICE up to now!! Ready to keep having fun in the future? ♥ Above all, ONCE and TWICE's health is most important! Monji alji??  (You know what i mean??) ㅋㅋ Let's meet with a healthy image :) TWICE ♥ ONCE"

"Sana: During these 5 years there were times I wanted to lower my head, but I've been able to keep going this far up until now thanks to ONCE who have always been by my side reassuringly, as well as the members.  To me these are existence s I can't be without.  It;s one of the main reasons I can be TWICE Sana.  Congratulations on our 5th anniversary, and thank you for celebrating with us.. I'm so happy and thankful to have people who always believe in me and watch my back.  I cherish you and love you so much ♥  - TWICE Sana, who's welcoming the 5th anniversary ♥"

"Jihyo: ONCE! It's really been a long time.  I really wanted to spend our 5th anniversary seeing ONCE's faces but my heart feels so heavy that we can't.. I don't think it was easy for ONCE and TWICE to have come this far up until now, and I'm so grateful for everything during this time that I really just want to give you a hug.  We can't always be happy but let's think 'today was okay too' and spend each passing day like this.  I;m so thankful and I love you ONCE ♥"

"Mina: Our ONCE!! It's already TWICE's 5th anniversary since debut! I say this every year but time flies quickly doesn't it?  I'm so happy to have spent all these many moments with ONCE,  Thank you for your unchanging love and for giving us strength!  I hope for ONCE to be happy for a lifetime and if we can spend those happy moments together it'll be even happier right?  We'll try hard to add to ONCE's happiness even just by a little! Thank you so so much, and thank you so much to our members too ♥ In the future too, TWICE, ONCE let's do well!!"

"Dahyun: ONCE~ Hi! It's Dahyun!! I can't beleive it's already our 5th anniversary...!!! It seems like yesterday that we celebrated our 4th anniversary hehehe (ONCE's costumes at that time were really impressive ㅋㅋ)  We've really made a lot of memories during all this time, and because it was with ONCE it's even more special and fond.  I hope we'll have happy times with ONCE in the future as well ♥  You know health is most important above all right? *wink* Wishing for the day to come sooner where Teudoongies can meet with ONCE and have! I've been able to walk this far because it was with ONCE, and I think I can keep going forward in the future too thanks to ONCE.  Our precious ONCE, thank you and I love you♥"

"Chaeyoung: "Hi ONCE! Have you been well? The day of our 5th anniversary is already here! By now we've had so many things that happened, changes and experiences, to the point my memory is hazy and it feels a bit strange.  Although we can't celebrate and laugh together in the same space, we can celebrate and laugh with the same mind wherever we are.  Let's keep our place and wisely steadily overcome things even in our current situation.  I will also express what I want to show more, think more and grow more.  Thank you for always cheering and supporting for us, and waiting for us :) Let's celebrate our 5th anniversary happily."

Tzuyu: "ONCE's who's been with us during our 5 years! Thank you so much ♥ Let's be together for a long long time in the future as well ♥ GO →"

Happy 5th Anniversary TWICE!


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