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My experience from TWICE Fanmeeting ~ ONCE Halloween 2!


It has been five years already? Time really flies when we are having fun. 

Cheers to TWICE's success as well as  the relentless support of all the ONCEs around the world.  To celebrate their anniversary, we will take this opportunity to share our experience from last year's TWICE FANMEETING ONCE HALLOWEEN 2!

I was lucky enough to be there and would like to share it through this short clip.


The fanmeeting had two runs, the first was at 1PM and the other was at 6PM.  I had tickets for the 6PM show so I had lots of time to roam around.  Everyone was so generous, various fansites were giving away freebies here and there.  I even won a 'Feel Special' album after playing a round of Gawi Bawi Bo or what we know as Rock, Papers and Scissors.

I also went to buy some merch and I can't help but wish it could be that smooth in the Philippines.  (I don't want to fall in line for 3-5 hours again to claim our preordered goods just like what happened last Twicelights in Manila).    This time, I was able to buy within 30 minutes.  While waiting in line, we were given a brochure where we can mark the items that we would like to buy.  Upon arrival at the cashier, all you need to do is pay for the items, get the receipt and then proceed to the claiming booth to redeem your items.  There were about 5-6 booths where you can claim the items so it was really fast.

As I continue to roam around, I also had the chance to see Momo's Father but I was too shy to ask for selfie just like the others.  I wasn't sure if I also saw the parents of other members too.

The clock struck 1PM and we can hear the excitement of the fans who are already inside.  I didn't want to spoil myself so I purposely didn't search for updates during the first show.  I wanted to surprise myself when I see TWICE's Halloween costumes.  I also hoped and prayed that Mina will be there.

At last, it was our turn to meet TWICE.  They started the show by performing 'Stucked in My Head'.  At that moment I was just happy that I could be there to celebrate. (I didn't miss my liver at all.  Just kidding ㅋㅋ)

I was really happy to see them again, complete, on one stage.  The girls continued to perform their songs and they also went to play games.  As we said earlier, time flies when we are having fun so just like that, the fanmeeting was over before we knew it.  I was only to take fancams towards the end of the show as the security was tight.  Kudos to other fansites who were able to still take fancams. 👍

The show went so fast that I didn't want to go back to the hotel just yet so I stayed hoping to see Twice one more time.  We weren't disappointed again as we were able to bid goodbye to Momo.  

This was another memorable experience.  I was planning to go again this year but because of the current situation, we knew it wasn't possible.  But instead, we will be able to celebrate with TWICE through online.  You didn't forget that, did you?  Catch TWICE's 5th anniversary special live here.

Also, thank you for taking your time to read this.  We hope to share more with you in the future!


For those who are missing this event too, we are also attaching TWICE's amazing transformation from last year's Halloween Party for you.


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