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Nayeon talked about TWICE's 'Eyes wide open' in her Cosmopolitan interview


Fans were delighted to see Nayeon's gorgeous pictures from her upcoming Cosmopolitan issue this November.

On top of that, She also talked about TWICE's upcoming 2nd full album titled 'Eyes wide open' and said, "This album (Eyes Wide Open) has 13 songs that go well with Fall/Winter with retro style. We work hard to prepare every album but full albums have more meaning to fans, so we’re gonna show more content & activities that we haven’t done before."

TWICE Nayeon Cosmopolitan Cover

Nayeon also shared, "We work harder now than at debut. Before, if we did everything we were given to do we were satisfied, but now our albums, stages, pictorials are all products we create, so we have more passion and ambition. There’s more room for our opinions & thoughts to be reflected."  She continued with, "I usually want to do lots of fun things. Up til now I learned baking, cooking, pottery. I wanted to learn glass art w/ a member but we didn't have time. If there's a chance I want to learn baking again.

Watch Nayeon's teaser video and see her cover pictures here

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