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Momo thanks fans for the 5 years filled with love!


After celebrating their anniversary through their Special Live broadcast, Momo is here to express more of her appreciation to everyone who has loved and supported them.  Through Twicetagram, she expressed...

I couldn't speak well earlier so.. I'll write here!!
First of all, congratulations on our 5th anniversary!!

What I realized today was, the people who are always by my side, ONCE TWICE and our staff unnies and oppas who always help us!! We're together everyday so you could be taken for granted but you really shouldn't be taken for granted. I'm very thankful for you all. All of you are precious and make me feel the need to cherish you. Today made me realize it even more... Thank you so much ♥

The time ONCE and TWICE spent together seems short but we've been together for a really long time and all the happy moments, tough times, fun times - we were together for it all so we've gotten to know each other well. Thank you for being with me together in these moments!!
And the little things too... chatting with me on vlive and playing games, having conversations with me, these kind of things seem trivial but I think of them as very happy moments.  So I really wanted to say thank you for always doing even the trivial things together with me.  In the future too you'll keep doing these with me right?? Our ONCEs?? ♥
As I think about ONCE's expressions while looking at us.. I really want to perform on stage.. I want to see ONCE's expressions, I want to hear the fanchants, and I miss those pretty candy bongs so very much ㅜㅜ
But as much as I miss you, I think I'm able to feel just how much more grateful and joyful it'll be if we have a concert with ONCE next time, so.. just wait for that day...!!

It's such a shame we couldn't meet in person and celebrate with all 9 members and ONCEs today, but there's still a lot of days ahead of us so we'll be able to celebrate together next year, and even after 10 years!!
In the future there will surely be many difficult things as well as happy things but let's overcome them together and be sources of strength to each other just like now ♥ Good night ♥"


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