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Tzuyu bids goodbye to her dog Gucci

Yesterday, Tzuyu received the heartbreaking news that her beloved dog named Gucci has passed away.

Today, Tzuyu shared to her fans, "I was originally going to see (a couple dogs) today to adopt them, but Gucci left us yesterday afternoon.  Gucci, Thank you for leaving us with good memories.  You have to go and stay in a bettery place now! We'll be praying for you here."

In Chinese, Tzuyu also shared, "I was originally planning to adopt a mother and daughter pair and was going to go see them on September 24 but you left our family yesterday. You really left, Everytime I went home I would cherish being with you, and I'd pat you and kiss you well. Because I never knew when I'd be ablle to see you again, and I didn't know If I could see you again.  Especially since I don't often get to go home to see you each year.  Without getting to see you that much, you were already almost 11 years old.  I knew your health was slowly getting worse.  I was truly heartbroken to hear you left us.

You're a dog who was warm, considerate, cute, handsome, smart and kind.  You had a unique personality charm and you would quietly observe things next to us, and you spent happy and sad times together with us.

I'm so fortunate to have had you with me.  Thank you Gucci for being with us for so many years.  To us, you're already family.  We will miss you.  I will remember the "dangdangdang" sound of you walking while wearing your bell, and the sound of your bark, and your pretty big round eyes.

I hope you can be happy in another world.  Gucc, we love you and pray for you to go to a better place."

Rest in Peace Gucci ♥


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