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Behind the scenes and setlist from TWICE's 'World in a Day' Concert

Post Update: December 18, 2020

Behind the Scenes from DreamMaker

Posted: August 9, 2020

TWICE's 'World in a Day' concert was a success!

It was approximately 1 and a half hour long, we were expecting it to be at least 2 hours but no complaints here, the concert was still a lot of fun and memorable knowing it is TWICE's first online concert.

Check out the setlist to see what songs the girls performed.

TWICE's 'World in a Day' Concert Setlist

Opening VCR

1. Stuck in My Head (Rock. Ver.)

2. Touchdown (Rock Ver.)

3. Fancy (Rock Ver.)


4. Heart Shaker (Acoustic ~ Red Version)

5. Love Foolish

[Talk and Q&A]

6. TT

7. What is Love

8. Yes or Yes


9. Shadow

10. Firework

[Talk + Photo Time]

11. Feel Special

12. More and More

[Ending Messages]

13. 21:29

14. Turn It Up

15. Cheer Up


It was nice to see them perform some of the songs with choreography for the first time, and for those who couldn't catch it today, here are some snapshots from TWICE's concert.



VLive, JYP Entertainment

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