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TWICE Mina and Jihyo joins 'FC RUMOR' Women's Soccer Team

TWICE Jihyo and Mina FC Rumor

From cheerleaders to Soccer players!

Yes, TWICE's Jihyo and Mina have joined the Women's Soccer team named 'FC Rumor'.  It's not a rumor because you can see their pictures below together with their other teammates.

TWICE Jihyo and Mina FC Rumor

No further details yet but it seems this was held or recorded last July 18.  Stay tuned for more info about this project.

TWICE Jihyo and Mina FC Rumor

It will be an all female celebrity line up which includes APink's Hayoung, Gugudan's Sejeong and Nayoung, and EXID's Jeonghwa.

APink's Hayoung's IG

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