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TWICE sends their birthday greetings to Tzuyu!

Have you sent your birthday wishes to our beloved maknae?  If not it's still not late because today is Tzuyu's birthday!

TWICE members are also sending their greetings to Tzuyu, and here's one from Momo.

Momo: "Our pretty Tzu💙Happy birthday!! 
There's so many pictures of Tzuyu in my phone so it was hard to choose...ㅋㅋ"

Jihyo's Greeting

"Our maknae TzuTzuTzu who's the prettiest and kindest in the world🎂❤️Happy birthday I hope you'll always be happy❤️❤️❤️I love you❤"

Chaeyoung's Greeting
""Happy birthday to my friend Tzuyu who’s beautiful and lovely 
whether on the outside or inside. I love you🥰""

Jeongyeon's Greeting
""Tzuyu-yah happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

Nayeon's Greeting
"Nayeon: "Our Tzu I love you thank you for being born🥳🥳🥳"

Sana's Greeting
""Our Tzu💙Pretty Tzu💙Maknae Tzu💙Really happy birthday🥳(in chinese) 
Happy birthday! I love you❤️""

Dahyun's's Greeting
""Tzuyu-yah happy birthdaaaaay🥰"

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