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What if there's another TWICE in a Parallel Universe?

Twice Parallel Universe

Forgive us but yes, we have been watching a lot of K-Drama and one of which is 'The King: Eternal Monarch' which stars Lee Minho and Kim GoEun.

The drama is about a King who can travel between parallel worlds, one where there is the Kingdom of Corea and the other is the Republic of Korea.  We could go on and on but really, you should see the drama too.

That's where we got the idea for this next clip and that leads us to our next question.  What if there's another TWICE in a Parallel Universe?  Which world would you choose?

For the fans who also watch 'The King: Eternal Monarch', did you get the last part?

The sub-title of the video was 'Eternal All Kill' because we know Twice's 'More and More' will be specially if all of us will contribute by buying their album and voting for them on Music shows.  If you still don't know how, please see the next video.

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