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TWICE 2020 comeback is confirmed!

Twice 2020 Comeback

Lately, fans are being pampered with lots of goodies from Twice and JYP Entertainment.  There's 'Time to Twice' where we can watch them have fun while playing games and there's 'Seize the Light' which is their upcoming docu-series that will showcase the behind scenes of their hard work during their Twicelights tour.

Today, April 20, it has been confirmed that the group is already planning for their comeback.  One source from JYP Entertainment revealed, "TWICE is getting ready to shoot the music video for their new song. The specifics of their comeback schedule are still being discussed, and we will reveal them once they are set."

It has also been reported that the group will soon start filming their music video aiming for a June comeback.

Such a great news, right? Stay tuned for more updates. Stay safe fellow Onces!


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