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Sana, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung introduce 'TWICE: Seize The Light' with their stunning selfies

Just a couple of weeks to go before the release of 'TWICE: Seize The Light', Twice's show which will bring us to the never before scenes of their previous concerts and much much more.

Feeling the hype already?  Here are Twice's Sana, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung to excite all of us even more.

TWICE: Seize The Light introduced by Sana
The first episode title is! Dugudugudugu it is "Our first step toward the dream"! 
Will you be here with us at this absolute unforgettable moment?
29th April 11PM (KST) Live Broadcast

TWICE: Seize the Light introduced by Tzuyu
"The 2nd episode is "During an intense days, the story of 9 trainees!" 
We will personally tell you our story about us chasing for our dream!
29th April 11PM (KST) Live Broadcast"

"TWICE: Seize The Light introduced by Chaeyoung:
The third story is "We became much stronger with the sweat droplets we shed together"! 
Have a taste of how good our chemistry are!❤ 
Confirm the rest on 29th April 11pm (KST)!"

You can also send in your questions to Twice by joining '<TWICE: Seize the Light> | Premiere Live Stream Q&A Event'.  Just follow this link to send your questions.


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