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Momo, Mina, and Dahyun introduce 'TWICE: Seize The Light'

Now, it's Momo, Mina, and Dahyun's turn to introduce 'TWICE: Seize The Light' which will premiere on April 29!

"TWICE: Seize The Light introduced by Mina✨
The 8th episode is "Our light will reach everyone"
The members and ONCE have always been a warm light to me❤
Stream on 29th April 11PN (KST)🐧"

"TWICE: Seize The Light introduced by Dahyun✨
The 7th story is "The light that never change"
I believe we can do anything with the members and ONCE together❤
Stream it on 29th April 11PM (KST)"

"TWICE: Seize The Light introduced by Momo✨
With TWICE's dream and ONCE together, there is no end to the future!
Will you be together in our story in the future?🍭💖
If so, stream on 29th April 11PM (KST)🍑"


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