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Get Youtube Premium for free to watch all episodes of TWICE Seize the Light!

Twice Seize the Light Youtube Premium

Twice's Youtube Originals series titled 'TWICE Seize the Light' is finally out!

This docu-series contains eight episodes filled with Twice's passion and hard work.  The first episode is now available for all users but you have to be a Premium Youtube subscriber to continue watching the other episodes or wait every Wednesday for each episode to be released for free.

That's gonna be a lot of waiting, right?  But wait, you can now watch it by availing the Free Trial.   Here's how:

Get Youtube Premium Free Trial:
Step 1: Log-in to your Youtube Account
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click Try it Free, you will be presented with a 2-month free trial
Step 4: You will need to input your Credit Card info, link your Paypal or any other mode of payment available for you.
*Don't worry, they will only charge a small amount just to verify your Mode of Payment and they will refund it eventually so if you don't have a credit card, maybe you can borrow from someone you know and explain it to them.  Just don't forget to cancel the Trial before it ends so you won't get charged when the Free Trial is over.

That's it, hope we helped Onces who are on a tight budget out there!  Enjoy watching 'Twice Seize the Light'.

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